and leaders in the Aquaculture industry in Hawaii shared this valuable information at the end of Dec. 2018 

Author: Staff

In 2016 a two-year proof of concept project was funded by NOAA under a Saltonstall Kennedy award. The result of that project is a simple, semi-moist, stable, supplemental fish feed that can replace up to 50% of a 35% protein tilapia feed and an organic liquid fish fertilizer that was shown to perform as well or better than a commercial liquid fish fertilizer used in Hawaii.

The training manual and video below demonstrate how these products can be made by small farmers, using simple, off-the-shelf, inexpensive and easily obtained equipment, suitable for island communities.

Please view the training video posted. EM•1® is shown in 5:15 min. in use to recycle fish waste into easy to make your own organic liquid fish fertilizer for island communities.

Liquid Fish Fertilizer Crop trials; Hawaii Liquid Organic Fish Fertilizer with EM•1® Microbial Inoculant and molasses.

The Hawaii liquid organic fertilizer made, significant difference on the number of cucumber fruits and overall higher means compared to Alaska liquid fertilizer.