Owen Kaneshiro Farms incorporating EM•1® on a weekly basis since January 2013 knowing his fields has disease problem areas and anticipating wet weather conditions in winter.

Using a customized tractor, Owen has been infusing EM•1® Microorganisms into the soil when tilling back post harvest residue (leaves, roots, that's left over after harvest) to breakdown the organic matter more efficiently and build soil tilth (structure & condition).

He also planted crops as green manure to plow under & further build up the structure of his soil along with EM•1® applications.

When you have good soil structure, the soil soaks up heavy rains with little runoff, does not crust after planting, stores moisture for drought periods, resists erosion and nutrients loss, supports high populations of soil organisms and produces, healthy, high quality crops. 


Workers harvesting Mizuna field just 3 days after large rainfall that hit the entire island of Oahu with flash flood warnings in December. (Note: you can see some ponding on the road way and hard crusting along the side of the field where there was no crops & EM applications. 


Workers showing healthy EM® Grown Mizuna plants with no damage from the heavy rain or disease. The soil is also well drained and soft with no hard crusting. 


Closer look at the harvested Mizuna plants ready to wash and deliver to the supermarkets for the busy year-end holiday season. 


Expanded view of the Mizuna field. Thanks to repeated foliar applications of EM•1® and building up his soil from January 2013. The farmer is relieved and happy. The winter crops are looking very healthy and green with no signs of stress after the heavy down pour. 

They were able to harvest an impressive 3,720 lbs of Mizuna from this field alone. 

Please buy Fresh and support local farmers. Owen Kaneshiro Farms produce grown with EM® includes; Manoa lettuce, Beets, Red radish, Daikon, Won Bok, Choi Sum, Pak Choi, Green Pak Choi, Chinese parsley, and Kale can be found at all Times Super Market and Marukai store locations.