Hiromichi Nago,   President of EM HAWAII, LLC.

Hiromichi Nago,

President of EM HAWAII, LLC.

Hiro’s ancestral roots come from Gushikawa- Okinawa in Japan. His grandfather immigrated at a young age and moved his family to various islands and finally settled in Kula, on the island of Maui. His father was raised on a vegetable farm and after joining the service, he later moved to Okinawa to take care of family matters.

Hiro was born in Okinawa but the family moved back to Hawaii at the age of 5 years old just before Okinawa reverted back to Japan. Growing up in an environment of naturally grown foods and having fond memories of visiting the Maui farm led Hiro to change his major from engineering and earned a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.

After graduation, Hiro wanted to learn more about his Okinawan roots, so he lived and worked as an assistant English teacher for Intermediate and Elementary schools in a small rural town called Sashiki for five years.

Inspired after attending several lectures in Okinawa and reading “An Earth Saving Revolution” by Prof. Teruo Higa. Hiro decided that promoting the benefits of EM® and getting away from the overuse of chemicals would be his life mission.

He joined EM Research Organization as a researcher in 1995 and opened the branch office (EMRO HAWAII), Inc. in 1996 to share the benefits of this amazing technology. Hiro then had the opportunity to take over and reorganize as a locally owned company EM HAWAII, LLC since 2006 and has over 24 years of experience with “Effective Microorganisms®”.

Chikako Nago,   Operations and Communication Officer

Chikako Nago,

Operations and Communication Officer

Chikako is from Urasoe City, Okinawa Japan. She graduated from Fresno City College and the University of Maryland College with an Asian Studies degree and worked in the industries of fitness, radio broadcasting, education, and publication.   She grew up being around plants and loves animals. Dr. Teruo Higa’s EM® Lecture in Okinawa greatly inspired her, and now she dreams of cleaner earth.   She and her family moved to Hawai’i in 1996.

Chikako has been practicing gardening by composting fermented food waste with EM® Bokashi and uses EM® for cleaning the home and caring for pets.  She started an EM Hawaii radio program at KZOO radio, (Japanese Radio Station) in 2006 introducing the EM® lifestyle promoting a better environment and overall health. She enjoys spending time with her customers at the EM HAWAII store, offering the best service and wishing the best for their wellbeing.  With EM technology® providing solutions for many current environmental and health concerns, Chikako believes Hawai’i will move towards a brighter future.