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Strong Bees with EM1®

Author: Gesellschaft zur Förderung


Insects in general, but particularly bees, have it really difficult in today‘s world. Remember driving on summer holidays ten years ago and more? Every filling station would have these coarse plastic sponges to scrub the insect cadavers from the windscreen. Today this is no longer necessary. Industrialized agriculture has taken care of that for us.

The bees are struggling bravely against the deterioration and pollution of the environment, but many populations did not survive last winter. Weakened and worn down, they still have to defend themselves against the varroa mite lurking in the hive.

We have repeatedly been able to report that bee populations with EM are healthy and strong. Our member, Friedrich Blase, has been working this way for ten years now. He reported on his experiences at the members‘ annual meeting in Berlin. In this edition of the EMJournal you can read a summary of his report with his wonderful discovery of how EM helps to master the varroa mite.

Healthy soil, healthy plants and animals, healthy human beings – EM technology is helping us day by day to generate and maintain this interconnection.

Wishing you all a beautiful late summer!

Pit Mau

This special English Translation has been requested and paid for by our EM Partner Hiromichi Nago of EM HAWAII, LLC, with the assistance of Botanic Culture AB, Jan Roed, Sweden,

We hope that this article will help bee keepers in Hawaii and around the world.

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