Like many discoveries, EM® (Effective Microorganisms®) Technology emerged almost by accident when Professor Teruo Higa the father of EM turned to the study of microorganisms after being poisoned by agricultural chemicals.

Professor Higa, working out of the Department of Agriculture at the University of the Ryukyus, collected 2,000 species of microorganisms. Through an exhaustive process in which harmful or malodorous microorganisms were eliminated, he managed to identify 80 microorganisms of benefit to humans. Then serendipity stepped in. Professor Higa disposed of a mixture of microorganisms near some bushes. Returning some days later, he found grass there were growing in abundance. This leads to research in the best combinations of microorganisms until EM® was formally introduced as a soil conditioner.

EM® was initially used in agriculture. EM® enhanced the microbiology of soil using safe, Effective Microorganisms® that reduced the dependency and use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides a major step forward in terms of environment-friendly agriculture and safety for field workers.

Soon, EM® was being used in countless new applications. In animal husbandry, it solved the problem of waste odor emitted by manure and improved the quality of meat. In fisheries, it reduced the need for chemicals in water and improved water quality. In-home use, people began using EM® to recycle solid food waste, and at waste incineration facilities, EM® proved effective at reducing odor and dioxin levels.

Today, EM HAWAII, LLC a locally owned and operated company is the exclusive distributor and EM® consultant dedicated to promoting the uses of EM® in a host of new applications, including use in dietary supplements, food products, cleaning products, and many others.