Genki Ala Wai Project
a non-profit project account of the Hawaii Exemplary State Foundation (HESF)

The Ala Wai Watershedencompasing eight of Honolulu's most densely populated urban neighborhoods is home to more than...

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Changing Tides North Shore CCM.png

North Shore Community Compost Movement

Back together with Changing Tides Foundation and the North Shore Community Compost Movement at Waihunea Farm on the North Shore. We checked out the EM Bokashi made 2 weeks ago which was perfect!

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HFUU Northshore

Sharing photo's from EM Bokashi Workshop at HFUU North Shore meeting at the Farm to Barn Cafe. Big Mahalo to Community Compost Movement that sponsored us, UH extension agent Joshua and all the people who attended. We are so grateful to connect with communities that care about our environment!

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Blue Zones Wahiawa Youth Wellness Ninja event.jpg

Blue Zones Project in Wahiawa

In Partnership with the Blues Zones Project in Wahiawa. We joined their Wahiawa Youth Wellness Ninja Program at the beautiful Botanical Garden.

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Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology Park

Administered by the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

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EM® use in commercial aquaculture farm on Oahu, Hawaii.

Wong’s Products LLC. started to EM® on his taro fields in Nov. 2013 due to disease outbreak. He then took over the commercial prawn production….
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Taro plants and new growth looked the best ever in 10 years! March 2018 Taro Field Day in Waimanalo was organized by the University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service who’s mission is to provide the public with science-based research and solutions to enhance or improve the quality of citizens in Hawaii.
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Fukuda Seed Store, a long-established seed and garden shop in Kalihi is celebrating the 105th anniversary of their business this year. This month, the store moved into a new location in the same building. 
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HAWAII HOME & REMODELING magazine featured “Sprout Into Summer” an article by Tyler Shiroma with photo credit: Aaron Yoshino introducing Effective Microorganisms®, EM® Bokashi, and free seminars at our EM HAWAII office located inside Na Lama Kukui on Nimitz Hwy. 
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The University of Hawaii asked students of different grade levels to come up with innovative solutions to address the Ala Wai watershed stream and ecosystem restoration, sediment control, flood mitigation with community education and engagement and cultural connections. 
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HAWAII HOME & REMODELING magazine featured our “Powerful Probiotic for Your Home Garden” and introduced our EM HAWAII office inside the Na Lama Kukui Building in September 2016 see featured article by Stephanie Silverstein with photo credit: Elyse & Matt Mallams.

Successful sold out screening of the documentary film, “SOSEI-Revival” and Dr. Yoshimi Tanaka’s presentation on “How to live without illness”, was held at the Doris Duke Theatre on Sunday, November 6, 2016. 


Lanikai Elementary School student advances to the State Science Fair with EM•1®Bokashi project. 

Kainoa wanted to test the value of EM-Bokashi used as a solo soil amendment for his science fair project. We had accumulated four Blasters full so there was plenty bokashi available for field trials.
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EM•1® Microbial Inoculant applications help control Fusarium wilt of lettuce on Kaneshiro Farm

Fusarium wilt of lettuce is caused by a fungus. It causes lettuce to wilt, leaves turn yellow, develop tip burn and die.
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EM•1® Microbial Inoculant applications also help control Pythium rot on Japanese radish / daikon on Kaneshiro Farm

Symptoms of Pythium rot on Japanese radish / daikon are characterized by wilting of leaves and root rot. Weekly foliar applications of EM
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EM•1® Microbial Inoculant applications also promotes growth and increase in production, while controlling disease at the same time on Kaneshiro Farm

With weekly foliar applications of EM•1® throughout his farm, the growth and production of other vegetables crops could be seen.
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Owen Kaneshiro Farms incorporating EM•1® on a weekly basis since January 2013.

Using a customized tractor, Owen has been infusing EM•1® Microorganisms into the soil when tilling back post harvest residue…
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Composting with Kids workshop 2 held at the Urban Garden Center.

Kokua Hawaii Foundation offered a hands on workshops for their Aina in School teachers and docents, in conjunction with the Oahu Master Gardeners.
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"Composting With Kids" workshop 3 held at the Urban Garden Center.

There are currently 10 elementary schools participating from the North Shore, to Windward side and in town. Different techniques in composting will be introduced…
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Pearl City High School recycling all their cafeteria food waste from the beginning of this School year. 

Mindy Jaffe of Waikiki Worm company, now working full time at the school invited us to see how she combines various
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Mokichi Okada Association (MOA) of Hawaii, participated in EM® Bokashi making workshop with their members. 

They have a unique Organic Rice Bran Bokashi made with EM®, a Nature Farming Demonstration Site and offer…
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Hoa Aina O Makaha Farm with Father Luigi (Gigi ) Cocquio

Hoa Aina O Makaha Farm with Father Luigi (Gigi ) Cocquio a long time user of EM•1® at their center…


Beautiful Sunny day at Hoa Aina O Makaha's Annual Open House. 

Well attended with families from all over the island. Entertainment, Healthy food stations, Harvesting Activity, etc.
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Waikiki Elementary School Food Farm with Debbie Milikan

Pictures from our last EM® bokashi drying lesson... lots of fun! I'm looking forward to more adventures with EM® bokashi next year!


1st Holistic Veterinary Center in Hawaii using EM Technology®

According to Dr. Robin Woodley DVM, they use EM® at their practice in various ways. Since many of her patients eat…
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Ohana / Community Planting Day

The 6th grade students, parents, teachers, and kupunas of Waimanalo gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning …
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